KEAN Generates Profits for Power and Utilities Projects

KEAN Project Engineering’s energetic approach to project development and management, engineering and construction management sparks powerful ideas and drives profitable power and utility projects. Our power and natural gas clients turn to KEAN to turn on the savings, profits and potential of today’s energy and utilities market.

KEAN Insight finds creative and cost-effective ways to develop, design and implement critical engineering and construction projects for:


KEAN never forgets that capital spending is an investment and that investment must generate a return. Owners of and investors in power and utilities projects appreciate that KEAN is an independent third party with no contractor alliances that puts their needs first, performs due diligence and delivers optimal outcomes.

Owners and investors know they can rely on KEAN to successfully steer complex projects through the regulatory and approval processes. From preliminary budgets to groundbreaking to public opening, KEAN finds new ways to keep costs low and output high.

KEAN prioritizes an ongoing client relationship. Power and utilities investors rely on KEAN for strategic thinking, smart solutions and self-sustaining systems their staff can manage themselves. Whether you’re a brown field retrofit or a green field build to fit, KEAN Insight builds in value every time.


We know today’s power and utility companies are running hard to keep up with new technologies and an ever-growing demand for clean energy. KEAN’s extensive experience and proven expertise in power and utilities mean you don’t need to spend a lot of time filling us in. Whether you have a new business opportunity, an process improvement idea or an approved capital project, we’re ready to jump in.

When power and utility management and engineers call in KEAN, they get experienced, innovative and enthusiastic project managers, engineers and construction managers with a reputation for agility, creativity and excellence. We communicate clearly and effectively with every member of your team. We budget, plan and track projects in-house with complete transparency. We see constructability issues other engineering firms miss. And we keep projects profitable, on time and on budget.

KEAN builds value into every phase of a project and prioritizes an ongoing client relationship. Power and utility facility managers rely on Kean to see solutions and create smart, successful systems they can manage themselves—and we deliver, every time.

KEAN insight into power and utility projects is a unique and powerful combination of outside perspective and inside knowledge. From systems integration to plant improvement projects, we have honed our management and engineering expertise by successfully driving complex, critical projects for satisfied power and utility clients.

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