KEAN Project Management and Construction Management Consulting: We own your needs and the results you expect.

Whether you need to brown field retrofit or green field build to fit, whether you have a potential idea or an approved capital project, KEAN will make it happen. Because KEAN Project Engineering builds value into every stage of project management and construction management consulting, you can bring us in at any stage and see results.

When we say we’re on your team, we mean it.
We know that today’s business climate has pulp and paper, power and utilities and renewable energy enterprises running lean. Staffing up for specialized projects rarely makes sense. We work alongside your team and typically report to your project manager. Our clients deploy us as a specialized task force. Your goals are our goals.

KEAN project management and construction management excels in:

    Best practices, ergonomics, high quality materials, strict compliance with complex regulations and ongoing quality control are our hallmarks.
    As an independent, vendor-neutral firm, KEAN never forgets who we’re working for or why we took a project. We perform the due diligence and recommend the technology, equipment and material vendors and contractors that best meet your project parameters.
    KEAN believes in sustainable work practices. We operate as waste-free an office we know how. KEAN is a project management and construction management leader eager to take part in projects that make a positive change to the environment.

    Using the latest project management technology and the Critical Task Method, KEAN offers unparalleled access and transparency to you, your team and your contractors. We create efficient, cost-effective project scheduling and controls that meet deadlines and budget requirements. We provide responsive customer service and engage and empower everyone we work with.

    However you define them—ergonomic improvements, faster production times, higher capacity, bigger profit margins—we own the results you expect.

When we take on a project, we own it.
At KEAN, we know how to take a bold idea, justify it and build on it. We develop, direct and deliver management and engineering projects for New England’s most dynamic industries—managing over $150 million in projects just in our first five years.

In every one of those projects we experienced setbacks or surprises. But because we provide all of our services in-house, we forge a chain of responsibility and guarantee every aspect of our services. We own your needs and the results you expect.

What will KEAN engineering insight show you? Call (888) 830-3007 to schedule a customized project management and construction management consulting presentation today.