KEAN Owners and Facility Engineering: We own your needs and the results you expect.

Years of owners and facility engineering on the fly keep KEAN project engineers fast and flexible. Whether inspiration strikes and solutions present themselves at your conference room table or on your production floor, KEAN project engineers are there. We’ll be ready and able to recognize good ideas, capitalize on opportunities and realize your goals.

When we say we’re on your team, we mean it.
Our project engineers bring extensive experience in pulp and paper, power and utilities and renewable energy to each project. We partner with your project team and typically report to your project manager. With our boots on your ground, we delve into the big issues and dig into the fine details. KEAN project engineers become an extension of your own workforce, providing specialized, professional expertise and resources when and where you need them.

KEAN project engineers excel in:

  • Reverse engineering and coordinating technical upgrades to overcome equipment obsolescence at minimal cost
  • Overseeing the design of renewable, sustainable energy sources and systems
  • Sourcing the best possible equipment and vendors at the best possible price
  • Driving projects at the ground level to meet project deadlines and goals.
  • Working and communicating effectively and transparently with your team.

When we take on a project, we own it.
Our project engineers are on your front lines and KEAN Insight always stands with them. No matter how your project develops, we have the resources to see it through to completion and make sure your goals are met and your expectations are exceeded.

What will KEAN engineering insight show you? Call (888) 830-3007 to schedule a customized owners engineering presentation today.